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"Combining our natural passion for Brazil with the care that clients deserve we create unique experiences that provide new ways to see the world.

In 1998 Luiz Felipe Amaral quit his career in the financial market to travel around the world. It was a personal and eye-opening experience that enriched his understanding of clients needs and expectations. The contact with different cultures, people and places made him realize that most agencies in Brazil were not showing the authentic Brazil. They were only focusing on tourist attractions where clients would merely observe and, as a result, miss out on unique experiences and personal interactions.

He returned to his hometown of Rio with a vision - to offer travelers exactly the same kind of service he had enjoyed on so many of his travels. So, he began receiving and orientating visitors in Rio. His new venture quickly grew into what would become Rio Life.

Rio Life has been creating fantastic experiences for travelers in Brazil for the last 10 years. Our team has learned a lot during these years from our clients and partners in Brazil , and we can assure that today we are able to create unique and unforgettable experiences for all types of clients.

Imagine visiting Brazil in the company of someone who lives, works and plays there; someone who treats you as a friend and not just another tourist passing through. This is exactly the purpose of Rio Life Tours.

Removing clients from the perspective of the tourist and fitting them in the shoes of the knowledgeable traveler, we provide views from the most memorable and breathtaking sides of life. Brazil is a treasure chest of exotic experiences - we take our clients straight to the hidden gems that only a few people have the opportunity to encounter.

Any tourist can come to Brazil and recount the things they saw and did, but only with Rio Life can one's perspective be altered to reveal the more authentic side of this magnificent country.
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